Insect Killer Lamp, Zapper Mosquitos, Bug Trapper - Dayang
Insect Killer Lamp, Zapper Mosquitos, Bug Trapper - Dayang
Insect Killer Lamp, Zapper Mosquitos, Bug Trapper - Dayang
Insect Killer Lamp, Zapper Mosquitos, Bug Trapper - Dayang

Top Battery Operated Fly Swatter Manufacturer for Wholesale and OEM Supply

Introducing the ultimate solution in eliminating pesky flies and insects – the Battery Operated Fly Swatter! Made with cutting-edge technology and designed to provide maximum convenience, this innovative product is a must-have for every home and outdoor space.

Manufactured by Ningbo Dayang Technology Co., Ltd., a renowned and trusted wholesale supplier, this fly swatter utilizes a powerful battery-operated mechanism to swiftly and efficiently swat away flying pests. With just a single swing, the specially-designed grid quickly exterminates flies, mosquitoes, and other insects, ensuring your surroundings are insect-free.

Featuring a lightweight and ergonomic design, this fly swatter is incredibly easy to use and maneuver, making it suitable for individuals of all ages. The battery-operated function allows for hassle-free usage without the need for manual force, guaranteeing a quick and efficient fly-swatting experience. Say goodbye to irritating flies and hello to a pest-free environment with the Battery Operated Fly Swatter, exclusively brought to you by Ningbo Dayang Technology Co., Ltd. – your go-to wholesale manufacturer for quality fly swatters.

Rodent Mouse Rat Insect Sticky Adhesive Simple Easy Simple Non-Toxic AB-08

Looking for a simple, non-toxic and easy-to-use adhesive product? Check out AB-08 from our factory. Ideal for trapping rodents, mice, rats, and insects.

Mouse Traps Plastic Mice Trap House Indoor Rat Trap Quick Effective Safe Mouse Traps for Warehouse Garden Kitchen DY-AR04E

Buy Mouse Traps Plastic Mice Trap House Indoor Rat Trap DY-AR04E. Quick, effective, and safe. We are a factory offering high-quality traps for warehouses, gardens, and kitchens.

Ultrasonic rat repellent DY-9010

Get rid of rats with DY-9010 Ultrasonic rat repellent. We are a factory specializing in manufacturing effective pest control solutions. Shop now!

DYT-Y7 2-in-1 Solar Bug Zapper LED Camping Lantern

Get the DYT-Y7 2-in-1 Solar Bug Zapper LED Camping Lantern from our factory. Enjoy bug-free camping with this efficient and eco-friendly lantern.


Shop now for TW02 Natural Plant Essential Oil Mosquito Repellent Clip with Refill Pellets for 2 months. We are a factory, offering reliable protection against mosquitoes.

Mouse Trap Bucket - Bucket Lid Mouse/Rat Trap,Auto Reset Multi Catch Humane Rat Trap for Indoor Outdoor DY-008

Maximize pest control with our Mouse Trap Bucket! Our auto reset multi-catch humane rat trap is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. From a trusted factory.

DYT-40 Portable Bug Zapper Solar Powered Mosquito Trap Killer

Shop the DYT-40 Portable Bug Zapper Solar Powered Mosquito Trap Killer at our factory. Effectively eliminate mosquitoes with this eco-friendly product.

Disposable Fly Traps Outdoor Effective Fly Catcher Bags with Fly Bait, Non-Toxic Outdoor Fly Traps Disposable Fly Bags DY-004

Factory-direct, outdoor disposable fly traps. Powerful fly catcher bags with non-toxic bait. Effectively captures flies. Get clean, toxin-free results.

DYT-90 Patent USB Rechargeable Bug Zapper Insect Pest Control Killer Bulb Pest Control Electronic Mosquito Killer Lamp

Buy the DYT-90 Patent USB Rechargeable Bug Zapper. Factory direct pest control at its best. Say goodbye to mosquitoes and insects with this electronic lamp.

Rodent Repellent Ultrasonic Plug-in Mouse Repellent Indoor Mouse Deterrent Rat Control Bat Removal Attic Garage House RV Apartment Barn DY-UR02

Get rid of rodents with our ultrasonic mouse repellent. Designed for indoor use, it effectively deters mice, rats, and bats. Perfect for homes, garages, attics, and more. Factory direct.

Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Outdoor, Cat Repellent Solar Animal Repeller Dog Deterrent with Motion Sensor&Light, Yard Farm Garden Repellent for Cat Squirrel Dog Rabbit Raccoon Skunk Fox Deer and More DY-119A

Protect your yard from unwanted animals with our Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Outdoor. Our factory ensures high-quality, effective and solar-powered deterrents. Shop now!

DYT-Y10 LED Camping Lantern Bug Zapper 2 in 1,Tripod Tent Light with Hook Portable Indoor Outdoor Mosquito Killer Fly Zappers Waterproof Compact UV Insect Trap Lamp

Buy the DYT-Y10 LED Camping Lantern Bug Zapper 2 in 1 from our factory. This waterproof and compact UV insect trap lamp is perfect for indoor/outdoor use.

DYT-06 Indoor Bug Zapper, Effective Mosquito Zappers Killer for Home Electric Insect Fly Pest Attractant Trap with Safety Light

Factory-direct DYT-06 Indoor Bug Zapper, an efficient mosquito killer with a safety light. Eliminate pests effectively with this electric insect trap.

DYT-05--Bug Zapper Indoor Electric, Fly Zapper Mosquito Zapper Electronic Insect Killer

Looking for an effective indoor bug zapper? Our DYT-05 Bug Zapper offers electronic insect killing, perfect for fly and mosquito control. Trust our factory for quality assurance!

Animal Repeller Outdoor, Deer Deterrent with Red Lights, Waterproof Wild Nocturnal Animals Dog Repellent for Predator, Chicken Coop, Cat, Skunk, Wolf, Deer, Coyote, Fox, Raccoon DY-AR17

Shop our high-quality Animal Repeller Outdoor. We are a factory providing waterproof deer deterrent with red lights. Perfect for keeping away wild animals like skunks, wolves, coyotes, and more.

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